5k training: Hill Intervals



To train more effectively, I am using polarized training which is where you train your aerobic and anaerobic respiration systems separately so that you can race faster. IT means that when training you are either running really slowly (about 80% of the time) or really quickly (about 20% of the time).

I like to use the treadmill because it is easier to control your speed and you can change the incline which means that you can make it harder. As you don’t actually have to create any forward momentum on a treadmill it is easier than running in real life, to make it equally difficult you need to put it on an incline of 1%.

Treadmill session

Warm up: 2km run (10km/h and a 1% incline).

Hill Intervals: 15.6kph 5% incline –  500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m (with a walking break of 1 minute per 100m interval). Total distance run – 1.5km

Light run: 2.5km run (10km/h and 1% incline)

Distance run – 6km

Although running on a treadmill eliminates unwanted variables it is important to run outdoors because you never race on a treadmill and you need to be able to run on different surfaces and over varying terrains. Also, it can be much more interesting.

In the evening, my dad and I went for a run around York University whilst my brother was supposed to be doing athletics but it wasn’t actually on that day, it is tonight.

6km run  – approx. 32 mins

I did a lot of running but predominantly at a low intensity so that it is easier to recover and I don’t usually run this far however I knew that I would be resting today (the 3rd of August) because I am planning on doing another parkrun on Saturday.

Total distance run – 12km


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